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About Us

A personal message from Charles Liu, CEO, Omni One, LLC, Clinical Pharmacist and Diabetes Specialist

My mother was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2001 and as I observed her condition getting worse year over year, I promised myself I would devote rest my life to find ways to conquer diabetes.

Understanding current diabetes options:

Working at hospital as a clinical pharmacist, I have seen patients routinely taking more than five or six prescription medications; in the extreme cases, patients are prescribed with more than 30 prescription drugs. Many of these patients have been diagnosed with diabetes and doing what they can to manage this chronic disease. It’s likely this so-called polypharmacy — the administration of multiple medications, often due to overprescribing — is the cause of many deaths, especially in older patients.

Unfortunately, medications come with many side effects. The medical world has attempted to resolve this problem by treating those side effects with additional medication, often prescribed by another physician.

Fueled by the experience with my mother’s type 2 diabetes diagnosis, I began searching for answers, which led to a finding: Type 2 diabetes management with only prescription medication often leads to progressively worsening physical issues.

Many of these patients diagnosed with diabetes are doing what they can to manage this chronic disease. The ideal diabetes medication is the one that promotes sugar metabolism, increases insulin resistance, revitalizes the body and manages the complications at the same time. The current prescription drugs fall far short in this regard. This is where Diabetain®can help.

Creating a better antidiabetic supplement:

I began to formulate Diabetain® in 2007 and after trials saw a positive results time after time from those who tried Diabetain® The positive results prompted us to conduct clinical studies in the hospitals beginning in 2012.

Diabetain® — when co-administered with your current prescribed antidiabetes medication such as Metformin— will make your therapy strategy “whole.”

I stand by the efficacy of Diabetain®, and I believe Diabetain® will improve your diabetes management. It will help to decrease blood sugar and revitalize your energy to aid in regular exercise.